Bikram burns my butt!..

I have been having an on-off love affair with Bikram yoga for 8 years now. ┬áLasting longer than many of my other relationships, Bikram is reassuringly unchanging in it’s postures, though currently slightly more posturing in it’s devotees than the rabel of sweaty hippies I started out with.

Jessie my best friend and her husband Roody have two schools in Brooklyn and her Dad Harvey co-owns two in London, so it truly is for me a family affair…

What do I love about Bikram: the North London school is only a block away from the pink tower where I live, the clear headed buzz at the end of the class, stretching my body (as I am doing more aerobic work, Bikram is making me supple again) and checking out the narcissistic hotties while they sweat!..

What do I hate about Bikram: it can give me spots – which is meant to be an unusual side-effect, but hey it’s the one I have and it’s not cheap.


4 Responses to “Bikram burns my butt!..”

  1. Jessica Senecal Says:

    Yes, It truely is a family affair XOX

  2. Alban ADAM Says:

    oh dear, i really have to get on it , everyone around is and i even represent the paris BIKRAM YOGA class of paris in my pr office,
    ok , i ll go for it,

    about it giving you spots, they told me it can happen as all the toxines are coming out of your body, not a cute sign but a good one anyway….


  3. Tamara Says:

    Darling let’s go when I’m next in Paris: is the school still in that courtyard near les grand magasins?..
    Toxins? Babe what toxins? You know my regime!!! If you are the pr Alban honey, you really do need to go and feel the Bikram buzz, am sure you’ll love/hate it just like me; I’ll bring my yoga gear when I’m next over in anticipation!.. xxx

  4. livio Says:

    my dearrrrr

    Bikram Yoga IS the thing !!! i love it
    i m going 2 or 3 times a week , it feels sooo good and after you can have a beer honey…
    i do not have any spot from it

    let s go together next time ur in paris