Frieze 2014 With The Ever-Fabulous Pablo De La Barra.

Frieze 2014
Frieze 2014

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photo 1 photo 2 photo 3Every year, I am thrilled to attend Frieze with my ever lovely friend Pablo.  I met Pablo in Mexico City, when I was there working with super talented photographer Mauricio Guillen.  Pablo moved to London a year later and came to have possibly my favourite Christmas with Mauricio, Jeremy and our families, was so much fun.   I love catching up with Pablo and learning his inner circle knowledge on the art world, while I people and fashion watch.  I feel like the world of observation is catching up on me, as now I see so many bloggers and fashion reporters there too, watching the trends on the art world attendees, as much as the art in the stands.  Pablo is now working for the Guggenheim: a job, so amazingly important and prolific, that I feel really honoured to be his annual Frieze Fair guest.

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