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Paris A/W 2010 – so we’re freezing in springtime in heels…

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
Sonia Rykiel Show

Sonia Rykiel Show


I sincerely love a Sonia Rykiel show: the shoes are always wondrous, the colours, the left bank sense of fun with glamour: girls swaying in feathers in furry clogs, high five-ing down the runway, Love…

John Galliano show

John Galliano show

Galliano was a visual feast, totally Tamara: he took us on a journey of trials, travels and traversed the Himalayas, the Hindu Kush: from the spice roads we went to the east of the sun, west of the moon…  He also showed us how great he is as a stylist, let alone as a designer, total inspiration.


John is the finale of his own show and sporting a fabulously chic sheepskin backpack is the most gloriously camp nomad I ever saw, ever - and ever shall I think!

John is the finale of his own show and sporting a fabulously chic sheepskin backpack is the most gloriously camp nomad I ever saw, ever - and ever shall I think!

The girls walked through sprays of silver glitter; John as the finale, came through seering white light, designer as devil or hero, he walked towards orange fire, posed, captured our imaginations and vanished.  Given his warm layers of sheepkin, wool and backpack at least one of us was dressed for the freezing weather which hit Paris this week!..

The chicest dessert I ever saw or tasted.

The chicest dessert I ever saw or tasted.

Imagine existing inside a Watteau painting with 7* service and culinary delights where sandalwood ice-cream coexists with thinly grated apple and ginger in the thinnest layer of pastry.  That was the dinner I enjoyed with my friend Konca at the Grand Vefour The considered absolutist chic quintessence of Parisian society was at it’s zenith.  There was more service, more grandeur and more is more decoration than anyone could ever indulge without slightly falling in love with it, however totally refined it is, there is such grace in it’s fabulosity, that even when I ordered off-menu a salad, the result was so utterly beautiful, artful and delicious, it was a moment of baroque heaven.  Built in 1760, the Grand Vefour is one of the world’s  first restaurants: Napoleon took Josephine, Colette ate there (which as I am reading ‘The Vagabond’, in  honour of Ellie) seemed wholly appropriate.  Visual artful 3D gourmand-luxe heaven.

The audience of lenses at Chanel

The audience of lenses at Chanel

Glass gorgeousness

Glass gorgeousness

The work above the magic - yes that is an iceberg - welcome to the world of Chanel

The work above the magic - yes that is an iceberg - welcome to the world of Chanel

Vanessa Paradis wears Coco red lipstick

Vanessa Paradis wears Coco red lipstick

Crystals and ice white bergs

Crystals and ice white bergs


Reflections in pools of icy water.

Reflections in pools of icy water.


If and when the ice age cometh, we shall clearly be ok in our refuge of Chanel furs and fabulosity!..

If and when the ice age cometh, we shall clearly be ok in our refuge of Chanel furs and fabulosity!..

Amanda Harlech dancing in the dj booth - like the London girl she clearly still is at heart.

Amanda Harlech dancing in the dj booth - like the London girl she clearly still is at heart.

To the tune of: 'I said captain, I said what?!'

To the tune of: 'I said captain, I said what?!'

The white album.

The white album.

Sarah after Chanel, shows me her gorgeous new engagement ring from Richard, I am so so so happy for them both.

Sarah after Chanel, shows me her gorgeous new engagement ring from Richard, I am so so so happy for them both.

Photos I don’t have from this week, include the sheer clever joy that was the Victor and Rolf show, they really showed us how it’s done.  The Hussein show with his moving speech for Alexander, followed by Puritan caps and camel coloured capes with grey lining, worn with matching fedoras – a style I have been wearing this week myself.  The party at Maxims where my New Yorker friends lost themselves in the 80’s disco groove.  The Vogue Turkey party at the Crillon, where I caught up with dear friends from the Fatherland: albeit feeling rather underdressed, as I had put on all my warm clothes at once to go to Givenchy, as Paris is brrr-freezing.   I hope my shalwa joggers, Westwood boots, Marni jacket and Bora Aksu snood still managed to represent – I did love Catherine’s gold lame turban, Karen’s killer heels, Seda’s sassy red dress and Konca’s peach jacket.  The basement baseline Ricardo Tisci party: it was brilliant to see Charlotte Tilbury again, looking uber-hot beyond yummy-mummydom, showing us photos of her handsome baby son; where shoulder to shoulder glamour bumped with Olivier’s camera flash, low-key hiphop heroes.  Meeting Polina was lovely: we drank Japanese tea and paid homage to CC.

This is an inspiring season: the stark shapes with pared down strength: I am totally looking forward to my shoots this season.

We Only have 15 hours to Save the Universe!..

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Here is a lovely piece I just found online reviewing the Flash Gordon themed (oh yes we did!!!) Ashley Isham show, which I styled this LFW.  Show photos soon to follow on my show page link.


London Fashion Week – Ashley Isham A/W 2010

What follows is a guest post from Sarah of the wonderful The Enchanted Hunters as I wasn’t able to make the show.

Outside Ashley Isham, I met a girl called Anna. Anna hadn’t been to a catwalk show before, and asked me whether it would be on time. As a veteran of, er, maybe three or four shows, I told her that in my experience, the huge names might run late but most On/Off shows run to schedule. An hour later, my cheeks got redder and redder as Anna glanced worriedly at me and we stood in exactly the same position. Just then, Jodie Harsh and her bubblegum beehive swished past us and the doors opened.

The show opened with the theme tune from Flash Gordon, and the clothes were appropriately cartoonish and combatative! A gorgeous purple and transparent trench coat with a stand-up Ming the Merciless collar was followed by villainous looped leather neckpieces and boleros. A sudden shift in mood brought in a sea of pretty one-shoulder draped gowns in peaches, corals dark blues, fit for the red carpet. One shoulder and strapless dresses left plenty of skin on show, and I liked all the different textures: Sixties plastic, leather fringing, metalwork, and woven fabrics. Not the most wearable of gear, but a good sign that the high street’s warrior princess look is more than just a one-season wonder.

With thanks to Self Service Uk for the images.

The lure of the cry in the dark – this month’s work with Bat for Lashes

Friday, March 5th, 2010
Bat for Lashes at the Brits 2010

Bat for Lashes at the Brits 2010

Bat for Lashes wore:-

Dress, velvet and sequin capelet, Sequin and Satin cap designed my Natasha and I

Bag: Mishka

Base piece body: Opening Ceremony

Jewellery:  Pamela Love

Click here to see her red carpet interview (i am very sweetly name-checked – aah!) :-


Please click on this link to see Bat for Lashes’ live on tour with Coldplay, hope you like her sassy outfit too!  ;-) We worked on several, more to follow soon.

You say Anna, I say Dolly…

Monday, January 4th, 2010
Dolly smouldering at my hen'na night last August

Dolly smouldering at my hen'na night last August

She’ll hate me for it when she’s 50 (but then, when she’s 50 she might well be pushing my feather and sequin covered wheelchair!..), but to me Anna is Dolly.  She came to work for me several years ago, dressed in love heart printed jeans with mules and a headscarf (chic I thought to unpack boxes); she was nicknamed Dolly by day 2.
Through countless jobs, in a variety of madcap situations, we second-guessed each other, joined at the hip.  I always knew by the amount of notes made, how stressed she really was.  Now Nicola Formichetti’s assistant, Dolly was my bridesmaid this Summer, and for a day lived out her dressing up box fantasy of being a fairy for a day and a night.
I am sure her psychedelic dreams and fairy-filled daze will be the landscape of her own work.  I hope so.
t q1
We both love a dash of glamour and a mix-it-up cocktail of the
unexpected.  What does feeling glamorous mean to you and is it an

I was thinking just this morning that i will never be glamorous.
When i dress i don’t dress to be or particularly feel glamorous, i
just feel like myself….i dont think that glamorous is really me
however much i would aspire to it :) – i think its more of a mix it
up cocktail of the unexpected.

Its not an armour, its just what makes me feel happy.

why do you dye your hair?  to keep it moving, or because you are
over being a natural blonde?

I dye my hair because i get bored of it quickly….i guess it just
depends on what mood i am in what colour it is…. i am a gemini and
therefore multiple personalitied! Its just expressing my mood
really. I was considering black recently, but tried a black wig on
and was definitely not for me!
Kitten heel, flat or high heel?


If you could be a fairy for one day, what would you do/change in the

I would make everyone be nice to each other and stop wanting to hurt  or harm each other. Also I would fast forward time to show people what
will happen if they don’t start looking after their planet very soon!

Inspirational songs
I dont know really. I never attach myself to songs/music as much as I do films…

I  do have a song lyric tattooed on me though – from Lykke Li ‘little
I just like anything that makes me feel happy! Usually upbeat, electro
poppy stuff!

Designers (past or present) you always hope the find in the sale
bargain bin?

I would love to be wearing Pierre Cardin, Viktor and Rolf, McQueen,  Gaultier

If you could live in another era, when would it be?

Swinging 60’s baby

New year’s resolutions for 2010: make them, break them, make them to
break them?..

Work harder at everything. be nice to everyone. eat less carbs

To read Dolly’s own blog, please go to:

Me in Grazia last week – i love Mira’s thoughts about my boot & trouser combo, bless!..

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

29 October 2009 at 09:24 style hunter
Style Hunter: new neon!

Chic grey teamed with radioactive orange? Well, OK then! When we first spotted Tamara Cincik, 37, there was no denying that her jacket from The Shop, was one seriously heroic piece of kit! But the real points have to be awarded for the way she’s styled such a bold and fun item into a calm and sophisticated outfit by teaming with sporty yet tailored Topshop trousers and ankle boots, a laid back beanie hat and bug-eyed shades from YSL. Genius! But what do you like about her look? Remember, the most fashion savvy comments could get printed in Grazia magazine. Check out this week’s other outfits here.

Our 69 Style Hunter Awards finalists are up – vote for your favourite girl here now!

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She knows how to make the most of some pretty bland pieces.
Grey and orange is a brilliant autumn colour combo, and Tamara’s relaxed jacket and beanie are perfectly offset by her smart tailoring and sexy shoeboots.
I love those dove grey boots with the trousers and orange makes a great change from all the hot pink around!
the orange jacket is the hero piece of this outfit. super stylish and fun too. a great autumn piece.
Very cunning colour combination, orange is always tricky. Love the simple cossack style trim on the jacket and the jodhpur cut of the trousers.However, I’d prefer more of a contrast in the boot dept as it all starts to merge a bit.

Double vision: but tits and tassels come in 3’s!!!

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

A Shaded View on Fashion: my piece for Diane’s website about the KTZ show

Friday, October 2nd, 2009


marjan and sacha walk the walk

marjan and sacha walk the walk

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Marjan and Sacha are old dear friends of mine, hours spent discussing silhouettes and windows in their soho shop kokon to zai. I worked with Marjan, styling his beautiful own label and have supported them through shoots and loved wearing his clothes for many years.

KTZ was their reaction to the underground colorful music scene: it hit the nu rave scene a few years back running, with overgrown joggers in mad techno prints, sexy skintight lycra dresses with neon embellishments and cyberzorg boots.

Marjan’s own label meanwhile, has always been slightly whimsical, romantic and in touch with a base note of dark macedonian gypsy earthy glamour, which I adore.

The KTZ show last night felt like a marriage of the two: skintight black catsuits, with copper body hugging beads and cut out knees, walked out ahead of Zoe dressed in a purple holographic huge puffa, with mini printed jogger shorts. Every detail was well considered and thought through: from the embossed socks, the over the knee square toed lace up sex boots, to the giant bauble necklaces. Then there were huge over capelets made from silver beads, knee length hooded woollen shawls in tightknit grey.
This was a collection of pieces which unify the london aesthetic: Bodymap body con-style with their own unique well designed flavour of fun, design and desirability.

Well done

Dean dj’ed the night to it’s pumping conclusion as as I sat back to enjoy the scene, I admit I did feel a little like a mother in a Jane Austen novel, seated at the ball, watching the next generation feel the groove…



My recent blog for Diane Pernet’s ‘A Shaded View on Fashion’, about two of the shows I styled for London Fashion Week

Monday, September 28th, 2009


We all have sides to our character: I love high heels and am a sucker for a sequin; but I also love all tones of grey, am vegan and grow my own vegetables.  Rarely are those contradictions allowed full-throttle expression in the same day, as they were for me on Friday, when I styled the first ever presentation by Rani Jones a new and luxury, yet sustainably made so super-cool guilt free, brand, designed my two London-based female designers, Lucy Jones and Rani Patel.

Girls wore ultra-modern pieces in a mixture of silks, jersey and denim, cut to work with the body’s curves, while some like the layered navy and dark blue dress create a strong silhouette, hanging from the shoulders, ending just above the knee to make a killer statement: great for those days when we want to look strong, fierce and hot, but also not all on body-show.  Perfectly on-trend with this season’s leggy glamour.


My personal favourite: the denim jacket, worn here with skin as jeans – sexy!


Mel Arter did the coolest make-up: a velvet matte red lip looked hot, combined with cheek contouring and great skin.


The base-line colour palette of acid tangerine, pink, beige, cream and washed denim, combined with navy was as fresh as their guilt-free leather and (even better!) guilt-free consumerist identity.

I wish them every success and hope that this is the start of great things to come for the girls.

To check out more of their work, please go to:
Straight from the Rani Jones show, Katie my assistant and I dashed to On-Off at 180 The Strand, heading backstage to prep the Ashley Isham show.  This was my first season working as Ashley’s stylist and was a total delight.  His vision of women is so utterly positive: hot golden goddesses, adorned and adored, what’s not to love!

Working with Malcolm Edwards and Sharon Dowsett on hair and make-up  – what a dream-team: Malcolm wrapped jewellery (some designed by Ashley using diamonds and totally luxe-tastic; others loaned to me by the ever-lovely Vicki at Erickson Beamon) into the hair, which was plaited and tousled into a chignon, or tousled into a sexy insouciance if short.  Meanwhile Sharon created the ultimate in goddess beauty, with golden eyes, worked up and into the brow, which sparkled with promise.

Ashley’s theme for the show was ‘Ottoman’, so we began the show with all the blue dresses, to drive that idea home, as blues and turquoises were very important to the Turkish court.



Two personal favourites of mine were the tulle dresses: one a full length gown with a full-on va-va! glamour hit in nude, with a black arm strap and the other a black tulle over nude cocktail dress, with zips in all the right places, totally hot and goddess-fabulous!..



To see more of Ashley’s work, please click and pop over to:-

The uber-stylist Karen Binns (the reason why we are still interested in what Tori Amos, Estelle or Mr. Hudson are wearing), came backstage to see me after the show and in her usual poetic melodic Brooklyn way, told me it straight!   She said: ‘Child you gave them a vision of glamour with an ethnic edge, a sexy woman, who looks expensive, well done.’

A compliment indeed, from someone I totally respect, thank you Karen.

I ended the day seeing the JCDC, which my former assistant Anna Trevelyan styled at Ghost on Farringdon Road. She did an amazing job, giving this Parisian diffusion line a fresh, London playful edge.

Well done Anna, well done Rani Jones, well done Ashley.

From designer chic minimalism, through to more is more fabulosity, ending with graffiti make-up, knickers and boots at JCDC, yes indeed: quite a day!..

The House of Blueeyes Show: a bacchanalian night of sequins and fabulosity

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Michael from Blow had warned me that this was the most requested ticket on his roster of
shows this Fashion Week, so to get there early, which given they worked on 13 shows this
week, told me everything i needed to know: get there early! anyone who knows me, knows
this is a rare event in itself; luckily jeremy picked me up in the astra gypsy wagon from
Nazir’s show, where I had been so proud of what Anna (my ex assistant ‘Dolly’) Trevelyan
and Sam Voltage had achieved.
Heading East, Jeremy pointed out that in football terms last night was the ultimate
hotdate: the final of the Championships League, so we popped into the local Owl and the
Pussycat for a beer (him), juice (me) and football update,(0-0) when we left.
Marching through the throng at Beach Blanket Babylon, suddenly I knew what Berlin in the
1920’s must have felt like – the party at the end of the world and the finale of time ( a
huge inspiration for me aesthetically) – and now with the current climate, perhaps even
more relevant.
A visual overload of trannies in cocktail gowns, grannies dressed as Dracula, boys led on
chains and matriarchs in lingerie; glitterball fractals of decadence and revellery hit my
retina in every corner. Jeremy perhaps wondered why he had left the football, but I knew
that this is where the real action was. The stories from the audience fascinated me:
trannie gold medallist Jeanie D with 2 teeth and a spider on his head, Russella with her
glittery Dorothy shoe red lips, Pia naked save some masking tape and a peach fur coat, as
one glamazon told me, we’re a long way from Kansas now…
Jacquie Soliman from Agent Provocateur pronounced this the show we have been waiting for
and in a way she is right: one which announces London’s more underground, underbelly,
intent and content.
We’ll never be Paris, we aren’t couturiers, by showing in the Eastend, Johnny drew on
London’s sleazily Victorian past: opium dens and decadence, sexual freedom and dark
corners and translated these into rock and roll punk undeniable English freewheeling
beauty. A masked duo danced on the bar top, while the shows freely chaotic madness
unfolded: beautiful chiffon grey dresses, Betsy in a cape throwing roses and tarot cards
at the floor, boys in underwear, girls in jewels, Tamer swaying his hips in russet tones.
Patrick Wolff and Jodie Harsh sashayed from the floor onto the catwalk: the audience
became the show, we are all free, we are all theatre, we are all angels. Johnny would
say something like this and I am inclined to agree.
I said to Tamsin and Jessie, I am not sure Jeremy knows what to make of this, it’s
outside his frame of reference, Tamsin (a leading climate change activist) pointed out
that a lot of people want to be here; I replied, ‘Exactly, just as they did in Berlin.’
We laughed, we know, surely it’s better to enjoy the circus, celebrate the chaos, the
painful freedom of these random moments of madness, while the ship sinks, we may as well
enjoy the tunes of the band as we drown?..

Tamara Cincik – words
Jeremy Fusco – photos

Double D vision, they come in 3’s: hoorah for a week of tits and tassels!!!

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
Johnny Blue Eyes shy and understated for his window performance at Coco de Mer

Johnny Blue Eyes shy and understated for his window performance at Coco de Mer

London Fashion week was it’s usual mix of the beautiful and the damned – more on this later – one cocktail party which summed up London’s esoteric/erotica myxomatosis was to celebrate the opening of the new Coco de Mer store on Draycott Avenue: sexy has hit Kensington guys!..  A rather comforting 4 foot bronze penis stood proud in the centre of the shop, while a ranting Johnny Blue Eyes stripped from cassock to thong in the bay window.  A burlesque beauty rocked the dj booth, as naughty maids in satin uniforms and stockings sauntered down the stairs and through the throng.

Backstage at Charme in St. Gallen: a double actof Victoriana gothicness!The Tuesday after LFW I was in St. Gallen, a super-rich alpine city, close to Zurich, to style a lingerie show. Chantal Thomass, the creator of some of the best lingerie ever and possibly the reason why French women know how to keep their men  was also involved and fast became my latest chic mama crush – she’s amazing: 65, immaculate in patent Chanel boots, Louise Brooks bob and red lipstick.  We styled our silhouettes in a studio located under the cathedral, which added a certain Swiss perversity to the whole affair!  Like Gaul, which as anyone who laboured with Caesar’s ‘Gallic Wars’ in Latin will remember (sorry Latinate/Swiss in-joke: you need comedy after both!!!), was divided into three parts; so my looks came in three blocks: Marie-Antoinette coquette, wholesome in the snow folkloric and London calling gothic Victoriana.

Shock and laughter at the Agent Provocateur show

Shock and laughter at the Agent Provocateur show

Back in London I was invited to the Agent Provocateur party to launch their DD perfume, the hint is in the title…  Huge bottles of vodka, so chilled they smoked, rested in ice on our tables as we sat and people watched and watched, waiting it seems for Kate Moss to finally show up. Since as soon as she did, the show began with Daisy Lowe sauntering out from behind then satin and crystal perfume bottle set, in – well to be honest, not very much – looking fabulous in cream knickers with pearls on the derriere and a lace cut-out bra and satin bow.  My other favourite model, Jen Howe, was all witchy in a sheer chiffon cloak and thigh high boots, as she swayed to the gangsta pimp’s tune on stage.  The J. Howard Marshall in a wheelchair pastiche, lapdanced into oblivion by a blonde in black stockings, had us howling; but it wasn’t Jodie Harsh which brought the house down, it was Fran Cutler’s Cleopatra, carried on in by two tanned hunks in gleaming white tasselled thongs. This was London at it’s most irreverant: sexy yet hilarious, a knowing wink with come hither eyes and promises of hot nights to ward off credit crunch concerns…