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We Did The Monster Mishka Mash…

Friday, October 28th, 2011

The Duke as Count Dukula and I Ready To Style Up a Storm At Mishka Vintage

Last night I hosted a Halloween Styling Night at my favourite North London vintage emporium Mishka.

Spooks, witches, children of the night braved the cold wet wilds of N8 to shop: channelling their inner divas of darkness purchasing looks perfect for the twilight hours and start of party season as Halloween leads to Bonfire Night, leads to Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve…  aka a fabulous bunch of excuses for a cocktail dress, Ossie Clark maxi dress, bias cut lace beauties, or any number of retro treats.  As treats become the new tricks!  Boom….

Sherene From My London Agency and Friends. VERY happy with their purchases.

Lizzie and Miles from Mishka with Kirsty a Local Luminary.



Felicity Knows Her Bags! Formerly PR for Angel Jackson: She Was Delighted With This Retro Lovely.

The lovely Nadia Jones whose has designed the best in high street womenswear (from Oasis to Mary Portas), fell in love with a 30s webtastic long dress, perfect for an awards ceremony she is attending next month; while my bridesmaid, the stylist and some might say living Barbie ‘Dolly’ Anna Trevelyan, rocking a fluro pink wig (sadly I wasn’t with my camera to capture the moment) swooped on an 80’s black and lurex long, sleek cardigan.

If you didn’t get the chance to join us last night, I suggest you do soon!


HRH Dukey’s Baby Shower at 123 Bethnal Green Road

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

A list of deliciousness available at Dukey's Baby Shower

Last Sunday I hosted Dukey’s Baby Shower at the newly opened Bunker Cafe, at 123 Bethnal Green Road ( a shop whose products are all sustainably sourced from within the boundaries of the M25.  What I loved about the store, when I came to Amelia’s book launch there last month, is the way it combines a simple use of space with quirky eccentricities.  Plus designers sold there include some old friends, such as JJ aka Noki, which adds another layer of familiar cuteness to the equation.

The Bunker Cafe pre-celebrations: prepped for the baby shower

My lovely god daughter Zoe came down for the weekend on an exeat from her school in Taunton to take up the mantle of face painting artistry; while Mark commuted between shows at Covent Garden for balloon animal-making duty (plus a rather ‘creative’ balloon neopolitan ice cream, as well as randomly sized swords, which was perhaps more than a sleight of hand!..).

Zoe, brush in hand.

Mark displaying his skills.

Face Painting Art Direction: note how the result matches the outfit - genius!

The staff at The Bunker Cafe were lovely: providing a carb-fest high tea of scones and victoria sponge, combined with Siam’s super-duper triple layered home-made carrot cake. The result: a relaxed soporific haze of smiles and contented stomachs; while mini-munchkins compared their face painted results, enjoyed a spot of colouring book wizardry and fought each other with balloon-shaped swords.

Eddie and Rocco as Spidermen.

Jeremy arrived for the last hour; displaying if ever we needed reminding our divergent tastes in wardrobe!

All smiles from Dukey's Glamour Aunties!

Mum aka Grandma!

As the countdown to motherhood rushes on unabated: part exciting, part scary; this was a really special afternoon, filled with kindness and smiles. Pregnancy can be isolating and I am sure so can early motherhood, it was then, all the more lovely to spend time with friends, basking in a golden glow of love and kindness.  We were bought some fantastically gorgeous gifts, Dukey (our nickname for the bump) will clearly be the best-dressed baby in town!

You say Anna, I say Dolly…

Monday, January 4th, 2010
Dolly smouldering at my hen'na night last August

Dolly smouldering at my hen'na night last August

She’ll hate me for it when she’s 50 (but then, when she’s 50 she might well be pushing my feather and sequin covered wheelchair!..), but to me Anna is Dolly.  She came to work for me several years ago, dressed in love heart printed jeans with mules and a headscarf (chic I thought to unpack boxes); she was nicknamed Dolly by day 2.
Through countless jobs, in a variety of madcap situations, we second-guessed each other, joined at the hip.  I always knew by the amount of notes made, how stressed she really was.  Now Nicola Formichetti’s assistant, Dolly was my bridesmaid this Summer, and for a day lived out her dressing up box fantasy of being a fairy for a day and a night.
I am sure her psychedelic dreams and fairy-filled daze will be the landscape of her own work.  I hope so.
t q1
We both love a dash of glamour and a mix-it-up cocktail of the
unexpected.  What does feeling glamorous mean to you and is it an

I was thinking just this morning that i will never be glamorous.
When i dress i don’t dress to be or particularly feel glamorous, i
just feel like myself….i dont think that glamorous is really me
however much i would aspire to it :) – i think its more of a mix it
up cocktail of the unexpected.

Its not an armour, its just what makes me feel happy.

why do you dye your hair?  to keep it moving, or because you are
over being a natural blonde?

I dye my hair because i get bored of it quickly….i guess it just
depends on what mood i am in what colour it is…. i am a gemini and
therefore multiple personalitied! Its just expressing my mood
really. I was considering black recently, but tried a black wig on
and was definitely not for me!
Kitten heel, flat or high heel?


If you could be a fairy for one day, what would you do/change in the

I would make everyone be nice to each other and stop wanting to hurt  or harm each other. Also I would fast forward time to show people what
will happen if they don’t start looking after their planet very soon!

Inspirational songs
I dont know really. I never attach myself to songs/music as much as I do films…

I  do have a song lyric tattooed on me though – from Lykke Li ‘little
I just like anything that makes me feel happy! Usually upbeat, electro
poppy stuff!

Designers (past or present) you always hope the find in the sale
bargain bin?

I would love to be wearing Pierre Cardin, Viktor and Rolf, McQueen,  Gaultier

If you could live in another era, when would it be?

Swinging 60’s baby

New year’s resolutions for 2010: make them, break them, make them to
break them?..

Work harder at everything. be nice to everyone. eat less carbs

To read Dolly’s own blog, please go to:

My sparkly wedding: the only wedding ever for Diane to commission a piece about for ‘A Shaded View on Fashion’!?! Please read more here…

Monday, September 28th, 2009


5612_154247359988_549869988_3482398_3885136_s 5696_142506601944_569166944_2916763_7634590_s5612_154246639988_549869988_3482379_1447409_s5612_154253089988_549869988_3482477_1789459_n

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one sunny day in suffolk (29th August 2009), i married my true love Jeremy in front of beloved friends and family.

i didn’t wear white, i wore a gorgeous creation by Roksanda, we were married twice: a civil, then buddhist blessing, we had butterflies and bunting everywhere, girls wore wings to be an honorary bridesmaid and the sun shone down on our love and collective smiles.
on our way from the civil wedding to the buddhist blessing under the tree festooned with evil eyes and handmade origami birds.

i wore a gorgeous dress by Roksanda Ilinicic, with a veil by hat maestro Stephen Jones and shoes by my mentor Christian Lacroix; Jeremy wore a suit and shirt by Kilgour, with a tie and handkerchief by Lanvin – work!!!!  Kenna did my hair, while the beauty Sarah Reygate worked make up magic on my face.


Saying our vows under the protection of the evil eye and dove tree.



Martin Aylward from the buddhist retreat centre Moulin des Chaves in France came to lead the blessing.

Marital smiles!


My two gorgeous bridesmaids Zoe and Anna wearing their fabulous Abilu hair pieces, designed (under my art direction!) perfectly for my beauties, Anna Trevelyan (of Dazed and Confused glory) wearing Bora Aksu, posies by Wild at Heart.



Alexia Somerville, Cynthia Lawrence-John and Karen Binns.


Entering the Tudor barn for the civil ceremony with my Babacim, being smiled at my the lovely Merryn Leslie.


Cheers and smiles for singer-songwriter Sukie Smith, who caught the bouquet.



mini fairyland fashionistas


admiring my beautiful ring – my great grandma’s customised by the gorgeous Vicki at Erickson Beamon.


The fete where we played in pink (hairdresser Kenna, Anna Trevelyan and I with singers Lauren Wilce and Sukie Smith) under perfect Constable cloud formation sunshine.

5696_142506386944_569166944_2916740_4934594_s 5612_154253194988_549869988_3482480_5289576_s 5612_154253234988_549869988_3482482_1868773_n

Pretty pastel fairy cakes and floral fabulosity.

5696_142506791944_569166944_2916790_5409683_s 5696_142506881944_569166944_2916803_7968646_s 5696_142506891944_569166944_2916804_1429327_s 6570_130725545078_581985078_2994391_4772139_s 5612_154253524988_549869988_3482491_643682_s

The London Gypsy orchestra play traditional Turkish ‘halay’ music, accompanied by the chef on vocals from my cousin’s restaurant in Whitechapel Maedah (this is when things got geniusly random!), belly dancer Catherine Mobley dances with my father, while James Jeanette of shop ‘Jeanette’s’ dances the halay (handkerchief) dance, led by my father.  Anna channels her inner Super Fairyness, Nova Dando and Margot Bowman get down to the grooves of debuting super dj, Deejay Cheez aka Claudia Solti, with groupie Zoe Kennedy, over from Oz to shine her headphones.

6570_130725050078_581985078_2994378_1901108_s 6334_266565695334_601010334_8613813_5781875_s

take a chance on love and who knows what magic might await you in wonderland!

Tamara Cincik.

The House of Blueeyes Show: a bacchanalian night of sequins and fabulosity

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Michael from Blow had warned me that this was the most requested ticket on his roster of
shows this Fashion Week, so to get there early, which given they worked on 13 shows this
week, told me everything i needed to know: get there early! anyone who knows me, knows
this is a rare event in itself; luckily jeremy picked me up in the astra gypsy wagon from
Nazir’s show, where I had been so proud of what Anna (my ex assistant ‘Dolly’) Trevelyan
and Sam Voltage had achieved.
Heading East, Jeremy pointed out that in football terms last night was the ultimate
hotdate: the final of the Championships League, so we popped into the local Owl and the
Pussycat for a beer (him), juice (me) and football update,(0-0) when we left.
Marching through the throng at Beach Blanket Babylon, suddenly I knew what Berlin in the
1920’s must have felt like – the party at the end of the world and the finale of time ( a
huge inspiration for me aesthetically) – and now with the current climate, perhaps even
more relevant.
A visual overload of trannies in cocktail gowns, grannies dressed as Dracula, boys led on
chains and matriarchs in lingerie; glitterball fractals of decadence and revellery hit my
retina in every corner. Jeremy perhaps wondered why he had left the football, but I knew
that this is where the real action was. The stories from the audience fascinated me:
trannie gold medallist Jeanie D with 2 teeth and a spider on his head, Russella with her
glittery Dorothy shoe red lips, Pia naked save some masking tape and a peach fur coat, as
one glamazon told me, we’re a long way from Kansas now…
Jacquie Soliman from Agent Provocateur pronounced this the show we have been waiting for
and in a way she is right: one which announces London’s more underground, underbelly,
intent and content.
We’ll never be Paris, we aren’t couturiers, by showing in the Eastend, Johnny drew on
London’s sleazily Victorian past: opium dens and decadence, sexual freedom and dark
corners and translated these into rock and roll punk undeniable English freewheeling
beauty. A masked duo danced on the bar top, while the shows freely chaotic madness
unfolded: beautiful chiffon grey dresses, Betsy in a cape throwing roses and tarot cards
at the floor, boys in underwear, girls in jewels, Tamer swaying his hips in russet tones.
Patrick Wolff and Jodie Harsh sashayed from the floor onto the catwalk: the audience
became the show, we are all free, we are all theatre, we are all angels. Johnny would
say something like this and I am inclined to agree.
I said to Tamsin and Jessie, I am not sure Jeremy knows what to make of this, it’s
outside his frame of reference, Tamsin (a leading climate change activist) pointed out
that a lot of people want to be here; I replied, ‘Exactly, just as they did in Berlin.’
We laughed, we know, surely it’s better to enjoy the circus, celebrate the chaos, the
painful freedom of these random moments of madness, while the ship sinks, we may as well
enjoy the tunes of the band as we drown?..

Tamara Cincik – words
Jeremy Fusco – photos

Reading/Watching/Listening to:-

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day


This week I’ve seen two films, both set in totally different versions of London, yet both completely charming in their way.

Somers Town by Shane Meadows is set in that small pocket of the city stage right of King’s Cross and where until recently I lived.  I laughed so hard at points: the ducker and diver neighbour with the leopard print ensemble is genius.  “Where am i?” Tomo asks hungover on his fake leather sofa; “Barbados”, he replies, quick as a flash.  North London quick wit – gotta love it!

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Dolly (Anna Trevelyan) is my former assistant and sparkly soulmate.  We met up for a summit meeting in Soho Square: she was channelling Nancy in a slashed stonewashed denim homage to her one true love, Sid Vicious; I had enough jewellery on to give me neck ache.  After Japanese food (Dolly) and green tea (me), while swapping advice and mutual appreciation, we went by chance to see Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.  It was the perfect antidote: satin and deco elegance, I wanted to live inside this film!  Set just prior to WW2, it casts a glitterball light on the games pretty girls play to survive inside the glamour dome; but how true love conquers all and feeds us more than furs, lingerie and stagelights ever shall…  Smiling and calmed, I went onto Carnival, Dolly to a friend’s dj night; both daydreaming of bias cut romances.


Currently reading

Marianne Faithfull: Memories, Dreams and Reflections

How I would have loved to have studied at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics!

Kate Atkinson: When Will There Be Good News?

Not quite sure darling!  As the story takes twists and turns in Scotland with past and present crimes.

Am reading in search of the best book to start my book club at Bistrotheque (am super excited about this: dinner, books, chat: heaven).  Please let me know if you have any suggestions for this.  Claudia suggested ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, but it was only by the time I got to Bali – ie the third/love section – that I realised I had in fact read this before!..  Not quite as bad as The Celestine Prophecy and good for her to write a bestseller to tell women to dump the man, travel and find a better version of life, but no this is not on the list…