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Happy Mother’s Day: AKA An Ode To Maternal Love xxx.

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

The Look of Love: Istanbul with the parentals.

With less than a month to go until I officially enter the secret, though now unlocked, room marked motherhood, I have veered between excitement and terror: excitement at meeting this kicking belly of a baby; terror at the responsibility and possibility I might be a rubbish mother.  Then I look at this photo, taken by chance in an Istanbul restaurant and I feel warm inside, seeing how much love I have always enjoyed.  Mum looks so beautiful; Dad is working a look, I am crashed out at the dinner table, as was my wont when I felt the need for a disco nap.  When I see this, all the confusion of trying to do the right thing: should I ape Gina Ford, or copy Gowri Motha fades into the hormonal happy haze of late pregnancy as I cross my fingers, hope for the best and appreciate how much love I see in that snatched moment: this I see means more than regimes…  Happy Mother’s Day!  They really are amazing.