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Glittery and Grey

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Beside Maison Bertaux

Besides my Soho office: Maison Bertaux, Ozgur forced a grin post rendezvous!
Today I am wearing:
Richard Nicholl grey raincoat
Markus Lupfer floral peplum sweatshirt
Vintage Skirt from Camden Market – I had it altered by my tailor: made shorter and taken in, as well as adding side pockets – I do love a pocket!
Boots: Acne
Handbag: Tila March
Socks: Jonathan Aston
This is how I wear vintage – in response to Channel 4’s ‘This Old Thing’ and as someone who has worn vintage since it was secondhand from charity shops: I mix it in with current clothes, sourced from sample sales or lucky styling gifts, generally not the high street (but for high street prices), never vintage shoes and always partial to a spot of day wear glitz and sheen! If you take clothes to a tailor something really average can be lifted into something amazing. I bought a pink dress at Chiswick car boot sale recently, seeing potential, I had it transformed by tailoring costing me £10, into a skirt which nods to Roksanda Ilincic in it’s glamour.

Recent Travels

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

The past week has seen me in Cape Town with Marks and Spencer and then Prague, via and overnight stay in London, to collect the clothes for the Prague Mall of the Emirates shoot, plus my assistant Emily.

Casually on the yacht for M&S.

Cape Town is very pretty.

Magazines for sale in a garage in Cape Town: loved the juxtaposition!

Prague is also very pretty...

I have been away every week so far this year, and now feel fully up to date on what is and what isn’t for sale in Heathrow Terminal 3!

Marrakech Moment… Snapshot Behind The Scenes Of My Shoot For German Glamour.

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Walking To Our Third Shot Of The Day

Last week I was in Marrakech to style a story for the April issue of Glamour Germany with Iain Mckell.
Our hairdresser, Daniel Dyer, took this photo, as we headed out of our van into the rough and tumble of the downtown industrial area of Marrakech to shoot our model in a local cafe.

My Latest Blog For Diane Pernet’s A Shaded View On Fashion: At The V&A’s Club To Catwalk Exhibition Opening.

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Club To Catwalk At The V&A: Lessons in Posteuring, Posing and Maintaining Glamour Relevance…

The Entrance to the Show.

I was invited to the press opening of Club To Catwalk this week.  If you fancy an hour of digestible street culture history, then I can recommend this exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

This is not a dense, intense, cerebral gallery show packed with anything more avant-garde than a well-curated edit of the most relevant designer pieces from yesteryear.  For an easy to learn lesson in British club culture: the exchange of ideas between music, art, clubbing and fashion, as well evidence of the St Martins meets Blitz roots of many of our greatest designers, this ticks all the boxes.

Smart Clothes: I love how Chrissie Walsh was inspired by The Ballets Russes and Kandinsky.


Genius Galliano.

A jacket Leigh Bowery wore, customised with hundreds of golden hairgrips, for The Blitz Denim show.

Love English Eccentrics texile designs.  Swoon.


Stand And Deliver!

Troubadours and Peacocks.


Goths and Victoriana.

Pam Hogg Catsuit With Friends.

Boy London and the Ray Petri Zone.


Film Noir For Club Kids.

Betty Jackson.

To book or for more information, please click here: –

Tamara Cincik.

Lovely Lady Luck – My £900 Prize ‘Spending’ Spree At Cochinechine.

Friday, May 24th, 2013

About To Receive My Lovely Gifts.

Sunlight Coming Into Cochinechine From Heath Street.

I entered the competition on a whim to win a £900 spending spree at my gorgeous local designer emporium in Hampstead, little expecting to win – I mean who ever does win those things???  Well as it transpired, when I switched on my ‘phone after swooning at a sneaky afternoon screening of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, as I read my winner’s email with shocked glee, that I do!  My name was plucked out of the bowl; miracles do happen!

Rows of Gorgeousness.

I am a stylist.  I am a quick stylist.  I can edit a look in my head in seconds and scour a rail in a matter of minutes.  For clients, for editorials, for celebrities, I am quick.  But for myself, somewhat overwhelmed at the kindness of strangers, when let’s face it the fashion industry is filled with sharks with nice teeth, it took me two visits and a quantum amount of time to select my booty loot!

My selection.I fell in love with a Sacai cardigan, but after a ‘phone a friend call to Liam my assistant, this was vetoed in favour of maximising my quantity quota.  I never normally wear designer jeans, foregoing their charms for cheaper Topshop and Asos options.  Given this wasn’t my money, for once I was seduced by the fit, the softness of an Acne grey pair.  Cochinechine have one of those mirrors downstairs where you look slim, trim and pretty – the mirror we wish we all had at home.

I also ‘bought’ a pair of Kenzo trousers, which fit like a pair of school boy ones, in that Helmut Lang meets John Lewis school section way – ie my favourite trouser fit.  I had deliberated about summer dresses by Carven and floral printed shorts by Mother of Pearl; but after considering the vagaries of our non-existent summer and the knobbliness of my knees, I decided to go for the more covered choice.

Bag By Tila March.

The Tila March grey leather handbag was a practical choice, great for meetings and I know will look fantastic with my wardrobe’s many grey and black dresses.

Acne Silk Pink with Orange trim Blouse.

Love this blouse.  It feels like Alka Seltzer in silk and I think will work under some dresses, or with a skirt, or indeed with those Kenzo trousers.

Bra Top By VPL

I knew Vicky the designer in New York and love that my last piece is by her.

Some Of The Things I Didn't Buy.

Service With A Smile! Fantastic Service At Cochinechine.

Upstairs At Cochinechine.

If like me you want to support local, independent shops and boutiques; if like me you want to enjoy great service and really be properly looked after, then I urge you to shop at Cochinechine.  It was an amazing gift to be given the gift of £900 to spend there: something which I didn’t feel I deserved and couldn’t quite believe was happening to me.  I am lucky as a stylist to be able to go to sample sales and I do have a car boot sale and vintage habit, but this was a precious treat and for that I will always thank them.  The staff are all really attentive and sweet.  Service is one of my bugbears: I don’t understand why people go to lifeless shopping hellholes and spend their money on lots of rubbish, when they could, for the same amount of money, enjoy one lovely piece per season from somewhere special where the service, the buy, the edit and the attention justify the price.

Thank you team Cochinechine x.

The Point Is Now…

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

A school friend, Fiona, who is involved with this fabulous event, has kindly invited me along to the series of talks at RIBA tomorrow hosted by Point.  Looking at the schedule for tomorrow, I have to say I am quite excited to hear Peter York whose opinions upon Sloane Rangerdom proliferated my adolescence with quick witted reference points, when I somehow gatecrashed into a world where women wore pearls, everyone wore their collar up and ‘ok’, literally did end with ‘ya’….


Themed around the concept of ‘authenticity’, it will be fascinating to hear, (gulp) 20+ years and another Tory PM at Number 10 later, what Peter’s verdict on today’s authenticity is.

Reasons To Be Cheerful: 1.2,3…

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Reason 1: CR Book.

Reason 1: I am very excited about the new magazine/book by Carine Roitfeld ‘CR Book’.

I love her foreword which relays both a vision for her new venture and an appreciation of fashion’s fertile possibilities, plus the sheer joy of motherhood, familial love and abundance.  At the Crillon last July, upon an introduction she sweetly pronounced me ‘the chic girl’ and I was swooning for hours!  New talent combined with visionary leading luminaries, reborn; how exciting: I am sure it will be wondrous.

Reason 2: Bowie Exhibition at The V&A Next Spring.

It was listening to the song Quicksand which transformed my career.  After working as an assistant, it took nerves and bravado to launch out as a fledgling stylist on my own.  My lovely former boss, Anna Cockburn in a ‘phone chat/mentoring conversation, did ponder why it took me so long, but I found it scary and when you want something it always feels utterly daunting, like the chance not to reach the stars is incomprehensibly devastating.  After a few tests and even some commissions, I knew I hadn’t quite found my ‘voice': I dressed more colourfully than the work I was producing.  One day, I chanced upon a secondhand beaten up LP copy of Hunky Dory and listening through the crackles came to ‘Quicksand’.  In a synaesthesian epiphany this was it: the poetic humility soaring with revelations quite casually relayed was my moment of understanding how brave, how open and how resolved I could be…

“I’m not a prophet
or a stone age man
Just a mortal
with the potential of a superman
I’m living on
I’m tethered to the logic
of Homo Sapien
Can’t take my eyes
from the great salvation
Of bullshit faith
If I don’t explain what you ought to know
You can tell me all about it
On, the next Bardo
I’m sinking in the quicksand
of my thought
And I ain’t got the power anymore “

This patchwork springboard of colours, dreams, textures and harmonics burst my heart wide open with the playful possibilities and the hope to dare.

News of the upcoming exhibition at my favourite of museums, The V&A fills my heart with love today…

Reason 3: The Diana Vreeland Documentary, 'The Eye Has To Travel' Coming To The Curzon Soon.

Famous for her idiomatic quips, Diana Vreeland was someone I would have loved to have met, let alone worked with.  I am sure her breadth of vision, her encyclopaedic all-encompassing openness to the opportunity for style to inform content would have been the best fashion education ever.  Social merging with art; fashion taking surreal steps into quixotic visual revolutions; how I wish she had been my editor, even if only for a sitting.

Taking The At Home Shot To Another Level...

The documentary ‘The Eye Has To Travel’ which ties in with the book of the same name is due at The Curzon later this month.


All is Revealed! The Lovely What’s In My Handbag Ladies Sweet Interview With Me Online Today.

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Tamara Cincik, Stylist, Writer & Creative Director



Tamara Cincik had us rapt the minute she whirled into the WIMH shoot, dispensing historical nuggets and style dictats ten-a-second (we’re with Anne Boleyn all the way and yes, we will go blonder Tamara). A stylist with some serious smarts Tamara also writes for weightier-than-the-average-publications (PurpleJimon and Corduroy), consults for an eclectic assortment of brands (from Topshop to Christian Lacroix) and tracks down beautiful vintage duds for a choice coterie of celebrity names (Feist, Daisy Lowe and Natasha Khan, for three). We asked Tamara to namecheck a few of her favourite locations (and PS, thanks to the wonderful Lizzie Greene of North London’s vintage emporium Mishka, where this shoot and interview took place)…

Maison Bertaux My Soho office – I’ve been going there for years, since the beginning of my career really. I call it my litmus test for meetings – if the person I’m meeting likes it I know we’ll work well together! I’m the only customer they let drink a Diet Coke from the can – they feel it lowers the tone, but I am allowed special drinking rights, I love that. It’s reassuring in its timelessness, a slice of old Soho with a bohemian and Hugenot past.

Maison Bertaux

The School Of Life An interesting place to feel a burst of Bloomsbury inspiration. I went to UCL nearby so have always enjoyed bookish moments retracing the steps of The Bloomsbury Set. One of my imagined favourite buildings is on the corner of The British Museum, its iron railings are sublime: as an undergraduate I imagined this as my ‘room of one’s own’.

Lamb’s Conduit Street There’s something glorious about a street that becomes somewhere you visit for things you wouldn’t normally see – when you buy something you know you’re paying for all sorts of start-ups and one-offs to continue in business. Lamb’s Conduit Street is great for browsing – there’s a huge range of cool but understated menswear shops – AlbamOliver SpencerFolk and more. I also like DarkroomThe People’s Supermarket and Persephone Books, which specialise in reprinting former classics which have lost their current voice.

From L-R Folk & Darkroom… a few of Tamara’s Lamb’s Conduit Street favourites

Firle, Sussex It’s unbelievable that this amazing village is so close to London, it’s almost the place that time forgot. It’s filled with such creative, warm-hearted people – I have friends who live there and it always feels magical when I drive the car down the track to their farmhouse. Middle Farm is a brilliant farm shop with activities for children right in the middle of the village and Charleston House, a Bloomsbury landmark, is nearby – take a bicycle and ride through the local villages and you really sense the magic of the Sussex Downs.

Hampton Court Somewhere I would recommend everyone enjoy a lovely sunny day. My childhood obsession with Tudor history remains unabated – I get a thrill each time I walk through the courtyard into the rooms designed by Cardinal Wolsey. Denham Village is a ridiculously pretty Tudor village, somewhere I used to love going to as a child and conveniently close to a brilliant Saturday morning car boot sale.

Inside Hampton Court



EMMA HARDIE Moringa Cleansing Balm

My skin’s quite dry but this makes a real difference. It has a slightly grainy feel so needs massaging in – I used to be a masseur so understand the importance of not just slapping on skincare and hoping for the best. This gives me something to work with.


£ 34.00




GIVENCHY Magic Khol Eye Liner Pencil



BARRY M Coloured Mascara



CHANEL ROUGE COCO Hydrating Creme Lip Color



CHANTECAILLE Total Concealer



ACQUA DI PARMA Iris Nobile Eau de Parfum



At Least In This Photo I am Smiling... Note The Look Of Horror In My Eyes! I Am Curiously Ridiculously Shy In Front Of The Camera...


Stylist, Writer & Creative Director

Creative director and brand consultant Tamara Cincik writes and styles for an impressively wide range of clients, from i-D magazine to Twentieth Century Fox, Zoe Kravitz to Charlotte Church. A degree in English Literature from UCL and a passion for the past (the Tudors being her particular historical crush) means she has a way with words as well as wardrobes, and has mentored and lectured at The V&A, London College Of Fashion and The Ethical Fashion Forum. She lives in London with her husband and son.


The Wildean Quest For A Handbag

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

My Vintage Lacroix Beauty.

This week saw me search high and low: from sample sales to department store sales; from ebay to online shops and everywhere I looked were handbags which were just ‘not right’.  Either too boring for words, or too ridiculously OTT, even some that they wouldn’t hold a lipstick, credit card and phone – surely the baseline prerequisite for an evening bag?..

My search began as I am going to the couture shows in Paris for the first time next week and while in that the heat is on moment of anxiety, I felt with all too much certainty, that my happiness lay in the momentary fix of buying a new bag.  Of course I partly jest: of course my happiness lies far more in my baby’s cuddles, or picking raspberries at out allotment.  But…  well there is that certain rush of adrenalin and pleasure which comes from an all time perfect purchase.

Nothing however felt right: unless I wanted to spend huge amounts.  I don’t find pleasure in spending huge amounts.  Fact.  As a stylist, I am lucky enough to be gifted, discounted, or privy to numerous sample sales.  Spending £5000 on a handbag would not make me happy; and might well end in divorce.

On entering the Prada store on Bond Street, I bumped into the lovely Johnny Blue Eyes, there with his assistant Savannah to prep for his client Lana Del Rey.  We spoke of my dilemma and he suggested vintage.  Hmmm, I thought let me see…  Back home I looked online, and chanced upon a shop close to home I had been to once before in The Stables in Camden Market.  The next day, with baby, buggy and 18 year old god daughter Zoe in tow, we went into the subterranean world that now makes up The Stables: Dukey literally cried seeing the techno pumping gateway to hell on our way down, but the people at Vintage Design Paradise ( could not have been nicer.  From dancing with Dukey to ska, to taking the time to talk me through their lovely array of pristine condition bags, several of which I liked: Dukey thought the Pollini the nicest – it’s sheen, always a winner with babies – who love shiny things.  Finally I saw a ‘vintage’ Lacroix and knew this was my bag.  Zoe knew it, I knew it and given it’s love heart handle motif I am sure Dukey knew it (am training his eye: start ‘em young, pray for an architect son…).  I worked for Lacroix as a stylist and have always loved the spirit of the house: with it’s partly awry beauty, this felt like the right fit.   Though there is a rather beautiful more orthodox Gucci classic, which might similarly have my name on it…

Beauty Boys with T and T by T…

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Tamara and Tamara, shot by Tara with Dukey and Phoenix at the Heath.

After a walk which felt like Indiana Jones pushes a pram around the Heath, while my baby  giggled at the hilarity of it all: how heavenly to spend time at Kenwood while the rhododendrons are out, bumping into old friends on a shoot randomly set up next to us.  A perfect afternoon with our gorgeous gifts of love xxx.