Slimane for St Laurent Paris’ SS13 Rollcall of Rock Heroines..

SS13 St Laurent Paris

If like me you are partial to setting your own lighting with a wide brimmed fedora, to the complement of shiny leather with sheer chiffon and have recently taken to tying flamboyant pussy-bows over the most unorthodox of outfits in a way Mrs. Thatcher never envisaged her favourite of necklines, then Hedi Slimane’s premiere show as head designer for the newly renamed St Laurent Paris is for you too.

SS13 St Laurent Paris

A homage to Yves St Laurent’s archive of aspirational wearability, the collection confronted the icons of his past: the Moroccan tassels, the ‘Le Smoking’ suiting with it’s feminine/masculine interplay, combined with a veritable roster of references to YSL’s contemporaries who defined the rockstar cool of the house’s heyday.

Stonehenging with Anita and Keith
SS13 St Laurent Paris
Stevie Nicks
Patti Smith
SS13 St Laurent Paris
The Iconic Image of Le Smoking by Helmut Newton

From Cher, to Anita Pallenburg, from Stevie Nicks, to Patti Smith, this was a collection which successfully eased into the framework Slimane’s pivotal position as leader of a new era for the house, one which honoured it’s past with a collection suitable for the contemporary cool: trousers were Slimane-slim, cut to the ankle, while longer layers multiplied into cloakish bedevilment.  As you might have guessed, I loved the show!  Am so excited to see this iconography of magic via a silhouette where the cat-bows,the chiffon, the capes and the collars, add power to the resonating clean lines of an updated rocktastic silhouette.  Bravo Hedi Slimane; Long Live St Laurent Paris.


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