Tamara is a London based consultant, CEO and fashion editor, with renowned experience in brand consultancy, public speaking, writing and styling.

Tamara is the Founder and CEO of Fashion Roundtable the leading think tank for the fashion industry, which works across events, policy and advocacy for the long-term strategic and sustainable growth of the entire fashion industry in the global marketplace. Tamara is also a Commissioner for the UK Trade and Business Commission.

She has over 20 years experience working in the fashion industry, as a fashion editor and consultant for international brands, shows and publications; as well as working in the UK Parliament. In fact, Tamara’s career is unique in having combined both fashion and parliament, allowing her exceptional insights and access across both worlds in communicating sustainable solutions, creative consultancy and policy agendas with expertise and insider knowledge.

Tamara sits on numerous industry and advocacy roundtables across business, the creative industries, public affairs and sustainability.

Tamara is also the secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Textiles and Fashion and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Ethics and Sustainability in Fashion.