Astrology blows my mind!!!

i do love a mystic meg moment...
i do love a mystic meg moment...

There were two eclipses this month, the solar one in Leo, then the lunar one in Aquarius: these are traditionally meant to blow open the doors of our minds and perceptions, sweeping away dusty old habits.  kind of like a feng shui/detox blitz-out on our lives; casting the out of date ideas, projects going nowhere, boring repeat behaviour patterns and cute guys who’re a bit rubbish into the ether, while allowing us to invite new, hotter, more exciting people, experiences or adventures into our lives.

If you look back at the past month and think there were any sudden shifts: conversations where things unravelled into clarity, please do tell me, as I’d love to hear more…  Or remember the 1999 eclipse?  I was in Cornwall with the Deptford boys and Russell Grant; now there’s a story!..

Sandwiched between these eclipses was the uber-cosmic date: 08/08/08.  Friends went on pilgrimage to Avebury and Stonehenge to feel the vibe; I watched ‘Cabaret’ with my god daughter Zoe, though i did later go up to Primrose Hill and have a small chat with ‘our maker’: “cast light into the shadows” I was told, smiling at this gentle lesson; and it was with this smile I tried to maintain my inner calm, when three cab drivers cursed me out, driving through roadworks down Arlington Road….

My god daughter Zoe’s mother Janetta is the best astrologer I have found.  Part of the Wheel of Astrologers and based in, yes, Glastonbury, she is so good Jonathan Cainer asks her advice and has written for GMTV, Marie-Claire, Elle et al.

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