Bikram burns my butt!..

I have been having an on-off love affair with Bikram yoga for 8 years now. ¬†Lasting longer than many of my other relationships, Bikram is reassuringly unchanging in it’s postures, though currently slightly more posturing in it’s devotees than the rabel of sweaty hippies I started out with.

Jessie my best friend and her husband Roody have two schools in Brooklyn and her Dad Harvey co-owns two in London, so it truly is for me a family affair…

What do I love about Bikram: the North London school is only a block away from the pink tower where I live, the clear headed buzz at the end of the class, stretching my body (as I am doing more aerobic work, Bikram is making me supple again) and checking out the narcissistic hotties while they sweat!..

What do I hate about Bikram: it can give me spots – which is meant to be an unusual side-effect, but hey it’s the one I have and it’s not cheap.