Floating On Air! I Won!!!

Upstairs At Cochinechine.

I switched my ‘phone back on, after watching the Baz Luhrmann version of ‘The Great Gatsby’, my head slightly spinning with the beautifully intense overloaded imagery.  Imagine, then my surprise, when I saw that I had won the £900 spending spree prize at my local designer independent boutique!  The fabulous Cochinechine in Hampstead, where I have been known to indulge in Marc Jacobs boots and admired their cool edits of quirky, strong and on-trend pieces.  I am about to go there today: have checked the website multiple times and am more excited that I can spell!  Will let you know what I decide upon.

Downstairs At Cochinechine.

For a chance to win yourself, check their website: http://www.cochinechine.com/

There goes my retort that I never win anything!!!