From Offering His Kingdom For A Horse To A Leicester Car Park.

Richard The Third.

Possibly the best news of the year, even if it is only February, is that Richard The Third was buried under what is now a council car park in Leicester.

That the last Plantagenet king has lain under a Midlands municipal car park has to be one of the most geniusly poetic endings for a hubris-laden king, whom Shakespeare proclaimed offered his kingdom for a horse at the Battle Of Bosworth Field.

Did he murder the Princes In The Tower?

Did he really have a humped back, or was that as I had always thought a Tudor piece of propaganda?  Surprisingly yesterday we found out that judging from archeological tests on the skeleton, it seems he did.

How did he speak?  I have heard he apparently sounded like a Brummie.  How do they know?!

I love history and read many books on Richard The Third as a teenager, the ultimate piece of Tudoristy rebellion.  That this news comes to remind us of events in 1485,  during a sea of current day corruption, recession and war, makes us realise how common these themes truly are.

Laurence Olivier as Richard The Third.