Gold looks glorious on Daisy

Seen at:

“Daisy Lowe

Ms Lowe modelled in the Vivienne Westwood Red Label show at London Fashion Week; here, she wears a gold Vivienne Westwood gown. ”

Daisy is adorable: quick-witted, pretty and cool, while reassuringly North London and normal.  She has modeled for me on various shoots and the Aslanturk show; as she was going to the Brits and a bit nervous about what to wear, I said we’d help her and called in some dresses for her: things which were sexy, yet a bit quirky.  She chose this one by Vivienne Westwood: which I thought was a nice twist, as she’d just modeled for the Red Label show here and looked really hot, with maroon lips and Dick Turpin boots.  I just saw that she was, like Natasha/Bat for Lashes, also considered best dressed at the Brits, which is a nice compliment to both my girls, and I guess to me, the stylist?  Gosh!..