Inspirations For The Week

Traditional Turkish School Uniform

As a child visiting my Turkish family I would look longingly at the severe white collared, black outfit uniform worn by my cousins to school. It hinted at it’s post-revolution modernity and 1920’s roots.

With the family on my first village life in Turkey visit aged 5.

Rather like the more expensive version Chanel would create season on season in her house’s homage to the monochrome outfits worn by the nuns at her childhood orphanage.

Coco Chanel

Which leads me to considering some 1920’s glamour: both literal and in the mood, of, as in this 70’s doing 20’s beauty from the original Great Gatsby film starring Mia Farrow…:-

Mia Farrow in The Great Gatsby.
Blond on Blonde for The Great Gatsby.
Which in turn somehow takes me here...
To here... Twiggy for Biba.

Thinking of the shoot I am prepping for the lovely magazine Rika I ponder the sheer originality of Nijinsky: from his gestures, to his balletic prowess, as well as the force of  his costumes for The Ballets Russes:-


And then as I look out across the London skyline, as day turns to dusk, I gaze stage left over to here:-

Hampstead Heath.