Karen Binns: always an inspiration, if they could bottle her vibrancy, I’d buy it by the gallon!..

Karen in a taxi with Hector Castro en route to a Giles show one LFW
Karen in a taxi with Hector Castro en route to a Giles show one LFW

Karen Binns has been a close friend for nearly a decade: I wore sequins and deco to her wedding, she was the only person crying at mine (and i thought i was the hopeless romantic!)…

Whenever I might need feedback on an idea I am working on, Karen’s advice always pushes me further: she seems to talk in big, inspiring visual metaphors, they are colorful, filled with hope and potential.  I have never had a bad night out with Karen, she is so much more fun than me: from Paris parties, to London clubs, via tea on Brick Lane, or hot chocolate at Angelina’s (our Paris Fashion Week office), we can talk for hours about Jack Cardiff or Edith Head, I always come away from meeting Karen feeling great – and that is a real and rare talent.

Her work in the music industry is well-known: over a decade working with Tori Amos, she put Estelle in silver and makes her shine, while Mr Hudson is hot now thanks to her and various pairs of slim fit slinky trousers.  Meanwhile she is creative consultant for Bernard Chandran, who’s international view of glamour i always enjoy at LFW and has launched her own magazine What? which gives a forum for the new and a place to see Karen’s world on paper.

t q1
we both love a dash of glamour and a mix-it-up cocktail of
the unexpected.  what does feeling glamorous mean to
you and is it an armour?
q1- glamour for me is how i feel inside, for me its not an amour, but the air i breath, it could be the fabric and the way it falls on me, or the miligrams of omega and vitamin e that i am taking for great skin .

you always cite youth culture, but actually you are one of
the most inspiring people i know, does youth to you in fact
mean, keeping things alive or open?

q2- the future, youth culture is the way i will exist in the future .

kitten heel, flat or high heel?

q3- a flat is important at the moment as we still need to feel attractive,
and get to our next appointment.

what to you is romantic?

q4- romance is when a kiss is more important than penetration .

inspirational songs

inspiring songs- im every women, by chaka khan, it is what us women are all about..

designers (past or present) you always hope the find in the
sale bargain bin?

q6-a lanvin silk nightgown .

if you could live in another era, when would it be?

q7-1940s in europe ,  with equal rights .
For more of Karen’s work and point of view, please check out at her biennial magazine What? Her website is due to go live in the next month.