Last Shoot of the Season Before I Exit Stage Left for… Ibiza!

Shhh! Sneaky Style-Up Preview!

I styled two editorials last week: busy by any standards, heightened by a dawn chorus hospital visit between the two with my baby – thankfully totally healthy now – he had a chest infection which needed attention.  Juggling motherhood with work is more hard than anyone who isn’t can imagine: but when I work on days like Friday, the second of the two shootings, I fully appreciate just why I do and how much I love being a stylist.

The family three are off to Ibiza tomorrow: our trip brought forwards so Jeremy can deliver us safely to the island before he leaves us 24 hours later for two jobs here (so far so normal, why would we not stay you might wonder?), then… a month in Mongolia filming falcons!  Mongolia is a place in my mythic imagination: all the more so since Turks are in part descended from Genghis Khan (it’s all in the eyes), so I would love to see where we began, or half of me/quarter of my baby at least…