My favourite image from a shoot out this week – sadly on the cutting floor – happily showing here now!..

Out take from my Please! Issue 9 shoot with Emma Hardy.

Sometimes it is the shot which makes my hairs stand up on end with dewy-eyed stylistic excitement, which doesn’t fit with an art director’s take on a story. The above image is a case in point.

I love the way it takes the Japan theme to it’s Siouxsie pinktastic punk conclusion. ¬†Shot in my flat, against my Wapping Project-inspired neon strip light.

Team Credits:-

Photographer: Emma Hardy

Stylist: Me!!!

Make-Up: Anita Keeling

Hair: Kenna

Clothes Credits:-

Kimono and Cami Knickers: Mishka Vintage

Body: American Apparel

Bangle: Erickson Beamon

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Obi: Angel Jackson

PVC: Borowicks