New Year q & a’s with Women I Love, who inspire me & I hope will you too on this brrrr-cold nights!

New year, new resolutions: daily exercising, writing more, meditating and being more a-a-aware – I know, I know, here she goes again on her Tamarama missions…  BUT, a spot of q & a’s from women I admire, doesn’t feel too hard to handle and I hope that their pearls and quirky uniqueness will feel refreshingly like harbingers of hope for a zingy new decade.
Mandi Lennard is one of the most notoriously hard working women in the fashion industry: those 4am emails sent selling the scoop on a new designer, pinged over from her Blackberry, are not mere urban legend.  We’ve known each other for more years than I can remember, Browns for both of us is a bit of a family tree.  Her press days are always the most carefully thoughtful, with amazing presents, always a concept and complemented with the best goodie bags ever!
Mandi answered my q&a in typically super-quick time; here is the first in my series of q&a blogs for the new year, hope you like them!!!
Mandi in a gorgeous Roksanda Ilincic creation.
Mandi and Roksanda have worked together since Roksanda started her house.  I love and aim to 24/7 live in the romance and glamour of Roksanda’s world, nothing bad could happen to you there, festooned with blowsy roses in slinky satin, this is a place where women are film star icons with tapered waists and contrasting ribbon tips and you always get your man –   I was absolutely, tingily-thrilled, when Mandi spoke with Roksanda to help me source my dream rose festooned pale pink wedding dress this Summer from her S/S 09 collection.
t q1
I feel you’ve done so much to promote British Fashion, I remember your
saying your dream was to find the next galliano, do you feel you have
( I feel you have) and if so how many hours per day has it taken you
to get there?!

I don’t remember saying that!  I’ve never really had an agenda, just to surround myself with stuff that’s cool, crazee and inspiring – it’s always
been a vanity project!

Who colours your hair, I always love how glossy it looks!

Alex Brownsell – she’s brilliant – she could do it blindfolded – she cuts and she’s a hardcore blowdryer too – she does quite a few of us at once – we’re
neighbours and it’s always fun

Kitten heel, flat or high heel?

I’ve always liked a platform, never dainty so kitten heels aren’t really for me – if it’s a flat, it’s usually trainers

If you could be gordon brown for one day, what would you do/change in
the world?

I guess a bit of eye contact, humility and common sense never did anyone any harm…

Inspirational songs: I love a Tori Amos wailing moment, what helps you
through the day?

I love old skool stuff – at the moment though i can’t get enough of Kid Cudi and if I listen to something random on youtube it’s usually Nas – i always
find lyrics inspiring, and i love taking them out of context – it’s fresh

Designers (past or present) you always hope the find in the sale bargain


Not into sales

If you could live in another era, when would it be?

South Bronx mid-80s

New year’s resolutions for 2010: make them, break them, make them to
break them?..

Try to make more time for my friends

Minimal or maximal?


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