Nova, Nova: Golden girl, multi-tasking goddess & shiny futurist princess

Nova knows the future and it's golden!

I first met Nova when she was working for Mandi legendary Lennard, all smiley grin behind a desk of returns, one press day of yore.
Next I heard she was djing, then making knitwear.  She lent me a killer catsuit for a music client, kindly came to dj at my wedding and interviewed me for Elle TV one LFW.
Clearly this is one multi-tasking girl about town; I’ve always admired her large, open smile and her enthusiasm for what she loves.  Nova’s rainbowtastic fashion show was a breath of fresh air this season, with La Roux singing, dancers clad in multi-coloured lycra and more, this was a show to be  enjoyed, not painfully survive.  I feel this is perhaps how Nova approaches life: enjoy the carnival and see the adventure in the hard work it takes to keep on juggling.
Here Nova answers some questions as part of my New Year series of cool women q&a’s.  Enjoy!

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we both love a dash of glamour and a mix-it-up cocktail of the unexpected.  what does
feeling glamorous mean to you and is it an armour?

Feeling glam to me is having matching socks on, a cab booked in your name, cocktails in the nice glasses, an amazing view, all the mates there and the music playing exactly what
you want to listen to.
It’s definitely an armour and mantra to my life.

why do you dye your hair?  to keep it moving, or because you are over being a natural

i dont even know what my real hair colour is anymore as been dying it for so long. Ive even dyed my roots at the moment as it looked better so I have no real idea of what its
like underneath.

kitten heel, flat or high heel?

i like stomping around in platforms… it makes it more fun to go out when you have stilts on.

how do you cope with your multi-tasking: stylist, designer, dj life?  what are your
fail-safe organisational checklists?

I use ical for work stuff but I also like mt handwriting so use a diary where I write more personal activities and have a notebook of one continous ‘to-do-list’.

inspirational songs: i love a bit of kate bush, what gets you through a hectic day?

I have dance music in my soul. I like music made with computers.

designers (past or present) you always hope the find in the sale bargain bin?

Jean Paul Gaultier, Maison Martin Margiela, Moschino but I cant imagine that happening and i could never be bothered to elbow my way to the front or bottom of it.  LOVE ebay,
HATE sample sales.

if you could live in another era, when would it be?

I’ve always been a child of my time and thought whatever was going on then was the best thing ever. But really I want to live in the future. Im really excited about the future.
Theres certain things that really annoy me about now, that will all be invented and
solved in the future.

new year’s resolutions for 2010: make them, break them, make them to break them?..

No, no resolutions are great. I make them, I break them but there are lots of new moons and months to start all over again.

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