Off To Oman for Vogue/H&M.

Chedi Hotel Muscat Oman

This week I have been to Oman with Vogue to style the H&M May supplement.

We stayed at the uber-luxe Chedi hotel, my fate is to visit honeymoon hotels for work, admiring the secluded pools of glamour and enjoying the Princess-appropriate bed with my work teams, not my husband…

The teams from Vogue and H&M are so nice: super-helpful and a delight to work with, and we had a fab hair and make-up duo in Frederico and Marco.  I honestly had the best of times, from the beginning to end.  We were the first people to ever shoot at an amazing location outside Muscat, which while perfect for a shoot, would we agreed be amazing for a party!  Filled with rooms, amazing shot options and breath-taking views.

Outside The Fort.

My first time working with the lovely Koray Birand, I am sure not the last.

Hope you like the shoot when it comes out in the May issue of Vogue.