The Green Eyes Have it! Weblink of my Sophie Ellis Bextor Shoot: Out this month. We Channelled Studio 54 and danced in an SE1 Studio to Donna!


by AMNESIA MAGAZINE14.08.2011She's electricThere’s nothing cooler than Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Her dark hair, the tattoo on her arm that reads ‘Family’ inside a red heart, the love with which she speaks of her kids and how they set up tiny clubs at home while singing and dancing together. Sophie is a pop star and our weak spot. Her latest album, ‘Make a Scene’, will make us dream at Amnesia on 21st August.

The cover artwork for ‘Make a Scene’ is beautiful. Sophie in black and white, her eyes wide open, calm, the mouth just opening. Almost like a Mark Ryden character. This inspiring picture makes us think of a teen Sophie, almost gothic. She’s glad that the pictures in her new album communicate so much: “I love that you love the pictures! The photographer is Ben Weller. I wanted something that looked classic and I love that eerie look that black and white photos have to offer. We worked together for a couple of days, to gather up the pace and relax, and the idea evolved into something slightly different. I love the pictures where my hair is kind of billowing. I would’ve loved the picture on the back to be the cover!”

The cover is not the only evocative thing. The title of one of her new songs, ‘Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer)’, is also evocative. Just by reading it you can picture her dancing alone in her room or in some club, melancholy. Where can we find her dancing? “Probably at home with my kids. I love playing them the music I love and we’re always singing. They also have a record player with club lights in their bedroom, so we can always set up a home club. I also dance at clubs, but that’s normally when I’m working, playing a set or a live gig. If I have the night off, I’ll usually just meet up with friends in the neighbourhood or I’ll go out for dinner with my husband. I dance enough on stage!”

And speaking about stages. Imagining her on the Amnesia stage is a powerful image. So pale, so incredibly beautiful and slightly ethereal. It’s great to have a dark-haired pop star… Sophie, please don’t ever dye your hair blonde. “My hair’s been red, blonde, even pink… but I’ll always be dark-haired in my heart”.