The School of Life

I went to UCL and would wander through Bloomsbury, nose in a book, dodging cars and other accidents using my sixth sense.  I still love to walk through WC1, I find it completely charming: kind of European and random, with it’s back street independent book shops and iron railed rooms with a view.

Last night on the bus back from an utterly exhausting circuit class with Derrick the Rocky of Covent Garden, I raced through the London Paper and chanced upon an article about a new shop/project/concept: The School of Life.  This sounds amazing: a workshop for the mind, a rebirth of the literary salon with an urbane, witty, yet unsnobby edge.  “I like the idea of treating London as a guerilla campus”, said Sophie Howarth the director of this apothecary for the mind and with this POV,  genius ideas include holidays to Heathrow Airport with philosopher Alain de Botton and bibliotherapists who will prescribe books for you.

Check it out at: and let me know what you think, or see you on the 6th Sept for the open day.