This makes me smile…

art follows fashion, follows feeling, follows my dreams...

Funnily enough I was at a meeting this morning where we discussed this shoot, then the hairdresser Raphael Salley whom I worked with on this story for i-D rang the person I was meeting.  Cut to thirty minutes later, I went for lunch round the corner and here was a sketch of this image from the shoot we had worked on.  Inspired by the films of Sergei Paradjanov, I had lit the teams’ enthusiasm to really work some alchemical magic.  Felt so nice to see that several years later someone still loves my work.

Kirsten Owen shot from my i-D story.

I had a box of buttons from Brighton car boot sale which we used for the shoot and I really allowed myself to indulge my love of textures and fabric: layering looks with details to charm.

What makes this all the more lovely is fashion is so ephemeral, so how delightful to think that perhaps something I have styled has inspired someone for longer than a flick of a page… or an iPad…

Photographer: Marcus Tomlinson

Stylist: Tamara Cincik

Make Up: Alex Byrne

Hair: Raphael Salley.