You say Anna, I say Dolly…

Dolly smouldering at my hen'na night last August
Dolly smouldering at my hen'na night last August
She’ll hate me for it when she’s 50 (but then, when she’s 50 she might well be pushing my feather and sequin covered wheelchair!..), but to me Anna is Dolly.  She came to work for me several years ago, dressed in love heart printed jeans with mules and a headscarf (chic I thought to unpack boxes); she was nicknamed Dolly by day 2.
Through countless jobs, in a variety of madcap situations, we second-guessed each other, joined at the hip.  I always knew by the amount of notes made, how stressed she really was.  Now Nicola Formichetti’s assistant, Dolly was my bridesmaid this Summer, and for a day lived out her dressing up box fantasy of being a fairy for a day and a night.
I am sure her psychedelic dreams and fairy-filled daze will be the landscape of her own work.  I hope so.
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We both love a dash of glamour and a mix-it-up cocktail of the
unexpected.  What does feeling glamorous mean to you and is it an

I was thinking just this morning that i will never be glamorous.
When i dress i don’t dress to be or particularly feel glamorous, i
just feel like myself….i dont think that glamorous is really me
however much i would aspire to it 🙂 – i think its more of a mix it
up cocktail of the unexpected.

Its not an armour, its just what makes me feel happy.

why do you dye your hair?  to keep it moving, or because you are
over being a natural blonde?

I dye my hair because i get bored of it quickly….i guess it just
depends on what mood i am in what colour it is…. i am a gemini and
therefore multiple personalitied! Its just expressing my mood
really. I was considering black recently, but tried a black wig on
and was definitely not for me!
Kitten heel, flat or high heel?


If you could be a fairy for one day, what would you do/change in the

I would make everyone be nice to each other and stop wanting to hurt  or harm each other. Also I would fast forward time to show people what
will happen if they don’t start looking after their planet very soon!

Inspirational songs
I dont know really. I never attach myself to songs/music as much as I do films…

I  do have a song lyric tattooed on me though – from Lykke Li ‘little
I just like anything that makes me feel happy! Usually upbeat, electro
poppy stuff!

Designers (past or present) you always hope the find in the sale
bargain bin?

I would love to be wearing Pierre Cardin, Viktor and Rolf, McQueen,  Gaultier

If you could live in another era, when would it be?

Swinging 60’s baby

New year’s resolutions for 2010: make them, break them, make them to
break them?..

Work harder at everything. be nice to everyone. eat less carbs

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